HELP Line offers training at the start of every semester through Madison House.  Training is led by volunteers and is one evening a week for 10 weeks for 3 hours.  To register for training, please use the Madison House website. You can learn more about the process by signing up at the Activities Fair (we’ll be with the Madison House booth), or by emailing one of our directors.  

Registration for Spring 2019 is now OPEN for all NEW volunteers! Register for training at: https://madisonhouse.givepulse.com/group/membership/203670

As a lines volunteer

Volunteers are trained to listen to callers with issues ranging from relationship problems to sexual assault to suicidal thoughts. Since volunteers are not professionals, they focus on referring callers to long-term services.

Outreach Team

The outreach team works to publicize HELP Line in the community, on and off Grounds.  After becoming a trained volunteer, volunteers will get the opportunity to apply for the outreach team, and the option to choose to either stay on-lines, or to dedicate their time to outreach. 

What you can do now

Spread the word!  Help us make HELP Line the best resource it can be to UVA by telling people you know about us.