Mental Illness

HELP Line is there for you to talk, but volunteers are not experts nor are they properly trained to diagnose.  If you want an official diagnosis, seeing a psychologist is a good place to start.

You can find a psychologist or psychiatrist at CAPS, Region Ten, or other independent providers.  Please visit the Resources tab for more information on counseling, group therapy, or psychiatry services.

Click here to take a brief mental health screening online.

Although mental illness has a negative stigma, one in four Americans will suffer from it at some point in there lives.  Mental illness does not make someone "crazy" and is often temporary or manageable with treatment.  Each mental illness includes a list of common symptoms, however, most mental illnesses manifest differently from person to person. 

When talking with someone about mental illness, practicing empathy is a best practice.

To read about some common types of mental illness, check out our Mental Health tab.